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Soul Bursts: Nuggets of Inspiration to Help You Live Your Best Life

" Soul Bursts guides you quietly and lovingly back home." - Kristine Carlson, co-author of the bestselling Don't Sweat the Small Stuff series

So many of us are in search of the same thing: a peaceful, relaxed, love-filled life. Sometimes, though, this desire gets covered up by the busyness and heaviness of life: the have-tos, the suffering, the people pleasing, and the running around on autopilot. When this happens, we can sometimes find ourselves disconnected from ourselves, our souls, and our lives. 

Whether you've experienced this before or are experiencing it now, one thing is certain: you can embrace your life again. You already have the tools to do so, but reminders or "Soul Bursts" can help you stay on track. They can provide support when you're wavering and guide you in finding your way back to yourself, which is where this book comes in. It offers inspiration and helps you remember that you are worthy of living a life that you're excited about, that feeds you, and that directly reflects who you are at the soul level.

Each short piece includes uplifting artwork and journaling questions to help you take the words straight into your heart and apply them to your own life.

This book lovingly reminds you of the following:
- The complete knowing that you are made of pure love and are infinitely loved.
- The complete knowing that all of the answers have always been inside of you.
- The complete knowing that this life is yours to live.

Our soul is always with us. And it's constantly giving us little bursts of wisdom. It's up to us to slow down and listen. If you're ready to open your heart, reconnect to life, surround yourself with positivity, see the world from a new perspective, put yourself back on your priority list, and embrace your gifts, this book is for you! Its nuggets of inspiration will help you live your best life!

printed paperback book with b/w inside pages (measures 6.5 "x 6.5 " - 264 pages)




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